Over de Alliantie

Wil je binnen een minuut weten hoe de Cybersecurity Alliantie werkt? Bekijk dan deze video.

Over de Alliantie

[Voice-over]      In May 2018, as part of its new cybersecurity-agenda, the Dutch government announced the Cybersecurity Alliance:

[Animation]       The animation shows blue stylized lines that move from the bottom-left to the upper-right of the screen. In the bottom-right we see the words “May 2018”. Everything disappears, after which blue stylized lines move from the left to the right of the screen. Orange stylized arrows that appear from the left point to the right, where the text “Cybersecurity Agenda” appears. Everything disappears from the screen. Again, blue stylized lines move from the left to the right of the screen. Also, orange stylized lines appear from the bottom and top and move to the center. Once at the center, the bottom-lines move to the left and the top-lines move to the right, becoming interlinked. This symbolizes the collaboration between government and private companies. The text “Cybersecurity Alliance” appears at the bottom-right of the screen. Everything disappears again.

[Voice-over]      a result-oriented collaboration between government and private companies to make the Netherlands more cyber secure.

[Animation]       Blue stylized lines move from the left to the right. Orange and blue stylized lines appear from the left and right and form a circle together at the center. At the upper-left of the screen the word “government” appears, at the bottom-right the word “private” appears. At the center of the circle the Dutch flag appears. The words and the flag disappear, and at the center of the circle a lock appears. Everything disappears.

[Voice-over]      Since then the Alliance has selected its first three projects to achieve breakthroughs within 9 months.

[Animation]       Against a background of blue stylized lines an orange stylized number 3 appears. The number 3 then morphs into a number 9. Everything disappears.

[Voice-over]      First: expanding the use of the TIBER-framework for red-teaming to simulate advanced attacks within other critical sectors.

[Animation]       A circle made of stylized lines appears at the bottom-center with the word “TIBER” in the center. Five additional stylized circles appear around, with icons that symbolize critical sectors appear. Blue lines move from the TIBER-circle towards the other circles. Everything disappears.

[Voice-over]      Second: widespread implementation of modern standards for secure e-mail.

[Animation]       Against a backdrop of blue lines a stylized envelop appears. This symbolizes e-mail. A lock appears within the envelop. Everything disappears.

[Voice-over]      And third: enhancing vulnerability-management through cross-sectoral exchange of best-practices.

[Animation]       Against a backdrop of blue lines multiple small stylized orange circles appear, which are then connected with each other through multiple orange and purple lines. Everything disappears.

[Voice-over]      To inspire and connect the Alliance offers an overview of existing cybersecurity initiatives.

[Animation]       A stylized version of the overview of existing cybersecurity initiatives appears and disappears three times. It shows that the initiatives can be sorted by ambition, by domain and alphabetically. Everything disappears.

[Voice-over]      Visit our website and see how you can join the alliance!

[Animation]       Against a backdrop of blue and orange lines, the URL cybersecurityalliantie.nl appears.